Tuesday, July 30, 2013

back from the dead


will do more to this empty space in a while.

Monday, March 26, 2007

sanctity of life

i will never understand why people just can't fight to live on.

of course if you just lost your job because you're underaged (not considering the fact that you're pregnant). Adding on, has parents who sold your organs to the mafia to pay for their gambling debts right after stealing your entire pay to go (you guessed it) gambling. yeah, if thats the case, then well, i don't really have a choice but to forgive you for wanting to end your life. but what about those who suffer nothing close to that? yes, you're suffering. i know you are. but does it really take death to end it all?

"so you rather have me suffering than to let me find peace?"

tell me. how do you expect me to answer that? seriously.

me: "if finding peace means you die, then yes."

hey, i'm sorry i can't give you my best wishes for what you're going to do. i'm sorry i cannot support you in your final transition. truly, i am. but i simply cannot stay and watch someone die without doing something, anything at all to help. but know this, i pray that you have a better day, everyday.

i just hope that someone will succeed in taking you out of the dark because i'm clearly failing. god bless the person who can.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

a moment of emo-ness

i've always prided myself on being strong. i've always been proud of my ability to speak well, to convey my feelings as straightforwardly as intended. thus, it amazes me your ability to make me so tongue-tied. it amazes me still that even after a year, i still think you're hot. i wont lie. i'm fickle. my taste change as quickly as POS changes her prey (and trust me, she does it quickly). and well, i just wanted to say thanks for well, being hot. =D

lafoo, the nyeh nyeh izeen

p/s its relieving to know you're only human and somehow, (irritatingly,) it makes you hotter. haha. ^_^